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Richard Knight, business consultant, coach and mentor: specialising in customer service and team development.

Richard Knight


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As a Customer Experience Director, I get to work with great people who understand that high performance and transformational customer interactions come from gathering, analysing and testing insights.

My journey through the customer experience world began when I took a part time role behind the deli counter at a well known supermarket. I learnt very quickly that when I had a smile on my face as I was cutting quiche and slicing ham, so did my customers.

I took the same outlook with me into secondary school teaching and the pharmaceutical industry; customers, no matter what sector, want their expectations met and more. This builds trust and enables businesses to retain customers and attract new ones.

So, now I support forward thinking organisations to transform their customers experience by utilising my skills in facilitation, coaching, selling stuff and smiling! I couple this with the insight6 consultancy model and products to make a difference to organisations and their customers.

If you would like to transform your customer experience and deliver on those business goals, let’s have a chat.



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    Customer Experience Reviews

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    Focus & Listening Groups

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    Customer and Team Surveys

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    Team Training and Development

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    Motivational and Conference

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    Business Mentoring and Coaching

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    Benchmark your customer service against 100’s of the leading Dorset & Wiltshire and 900 of UK’s most forward-thinking businesses

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    Develop tailored feedback from your customers to motivate your team

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    From Legal to Leisure, Care Homes to Garden Centres, Opticians to B to B. We work with niche businesses that want to deliver a World Class experience.

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    Receive local support from Dorset based Richard whose experience in running large teams to deliver a superb service is second to none.

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moonraker hotel

“Richard from insight6 has been brilliant! We focused on my selling points and strengths as an individual and how to interact with the customers. Within a week of our session I tripled my bookings! The training has helped me build my confidence and challenge myself and I will definitely be wanting more sessions!”

Sophie, Weddings and Events, The Moonraker Hotel

jon thorners

“Brilliant service. Top advice”

Sam, Jon Thorners

stevens scown

“At Stephens Scown,we have been working with insight6 for over five years and they have provided invaluable insight to improve how we communicate with our clients. I would have no hesitation in recommending the insight6 team..”

Mandy Reynolds, Stephens Scown


“Working with insight6 has resulted in us obtaining invaluable information regarding the day to day running of our business. We value both the positive and negative reports produced by the anonymous shopper which we pass on to our staff enabling us to work on any areas we may need to improve. ”

Laura, Lifton Strawberry Fields

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