Customer Experience

A Reliable Approach to Turning Complaints into Custom

Customer complaints are an unavoidable challenge that any business inevitably face sooner or later. Your team will be working hard to maintain a high standard of business in order to prevent customer discontent, however the reality of human error renders total satisfaction amongst every customer impossible. Once in a while, a slip-up will occur, and…

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Are legal firms taking Customer Experience seriously?

The moment of truth. Last year I sat on a panel at a law firm conference and the topic changed to client feedback. Question from the audience: “Can I ask the CEO of the law firm what feedback he receives from his clients?” I could have predicted the answer, but here goes… “We receive a…

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Customer Engagement Strategies

Strategies you can implement to improve customer engagement insight6 explores the importance of customer engagement, the impact it has on Customer Experience and the strategies you can apply to your business. What does it mean? Customer engagement is any direct contact between a brand and its customers. It is incredibly important that brands reach out…

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9 ways to keep your customers coming back

A customer makes an enquiry, you make the perfect pitch, win the conversion and ultimately win the customer’s purchase – success! But does the journey end there? Not if you want them to keep coming back. According to KPMG, customer retention is cited as the biggest revenue driver for businesses putting it above customer acquisition,…

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How does customer facing technology impact Customer Experience?

Should we be using more technology in customer facing roles? What currently exists and what are the benefits and limitations? It sounds like a statistic that cannot be true but by the year 2025, it is estimated that 95% of all customer interactions will be supported by Artificial Intelligence technology. That may feel like it…

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Is Your CX Strategy Red?

Customer experience (CX) strategies are in. Outdated marketing plans based on figures and historic patterns are out. Believe it or not there are still many business leaders out there who sit in their offices and ponder the best ways to launch a new product, develop a new marketing campaign or sign up new business without…

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